At THE LOOP ART GALLERY we offer a wide selection of abstract and figurative art from renowned Latin American artist carefully selected by our curators.

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"We believe in art as an expression of the soul, where the sensibility of the senses come into play and merge with the conviction of each human being."

- T.L.A.G. Statement

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Featured Artists

Claudio Roncoli Contemporary Art

Claudio Roncoli

Adrian Lirman Reinas Contemporary Art

Adrian Lirman

Luciana Levinton Comtemporary Art

Luciana Levinton

Vicky Parrella; Contemporary Art

Vicky Parrella

Andrea Fried

Andrea Fried

Guigui Kohon  TX Suite C.JPG

Guigui Kohon

Maria P Carandoti Art

Maria P Caradonti

Alejandro Avakian Abstract Art

Alejandro Avakian

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Elo Menéndez

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