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"Architecture is the concept of my works. I take floor plans, sections, facades and architectural spaces as a springboard to paint a journey towards abstraction and mystery.                                                                                                        
Shapes are not fully defined but suggested. The scenarios in my works are always empty; planes and structures make them up by overlapping shades, and finally creating different environments and atmospheres. I paint in oils on canvas, I carry out interventions in acrylic on pages of unique 70’s architecture magazines and large scale murals."

From her architectural platform she launches a world of lines, planes and chroma that transforms space into an innovative artwork. Constructions that provide balance and modernity are her trademark.

​Luciana was born in a family of architects in Buenos Aires in 1977. She achieved a degree as an Architect from “University of Buenos Aires” in 2004. She was trained in many workshops by great artists such as Sergio Bazan, Ariel Mlynarzewicz, Mariano Sapia, etc. She also studied art at the “Art Students League” in New York.
​Over the past 12 years she has been showing her work both in solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, New York, Berlin and Milan.





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