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"My work is driven by the creation of an innocent world in which harmony is threatened by a natural universe that hides something sinister and playfulness which intertwines with the uncanny.”

She represents a fantastic world in an unusual way, showing a playful side that is materialized  with the presence of children with big eyes and animals. The artist manages to convey in each artwork the bond that unites both souls. Being the axis of each artwork a "fantastic communion" where sometimes we can feel nostalgia.

Vicky Parrella was born on May 27th, 1976 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1997 she got degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires. She studied with the legendary cartoonist Garaycochea.

She worked in several multinational agencies as Creative Director. In 2007 she founded, together with her partner, the online marketing agency Cactus.





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