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"Abstraction, color and geometrics are the essential cores of my actual artworks. Lines converge to a vanishing point or are parallel, but in both cases they seek to escape the containment frame of the paint, extending the space that surrounds the work."

From the strictly geometric, where you can see an impressive balanced grid, to a very intense chromatic palette that breaks into the whole artwork, is the risk that she takes when it comes to expressing her intention and communicating in her work and through it: Geometric that flows.

Andrea Fried was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972. She achieved a degree in Business Administration from “University of Buenos Aires” in 1996.
While practicing her profession she attended the workshops of Heriberto Zorilla, Mariano Zir, Sergio Bazan and Juan Doffo.

In January 2011 Andrea sells her company and begins living the art as her primary occupation. Since then she’s been participating in solo and grupal exhibitions in Argentina, Italy, Uruguay and United States among others.





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