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retrato Guigui BLANCO Y NEGRO.jpg

“Blindness for Borges was yellow. What comes next? How to find the equation? That one, the one and the diffuse one; the one that contains the murmurs of each story, worlds full of visions and letters of Babel. Then I will ask the silence for a wish.”

The mix of textures and the use of a very selective palette play a preponderant role in her work. Her space management is as bright as her work. The way of positioning the elements in the plane generates a tension that makes the work vibrate.

Guigui Kohon was born in Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina in 1969. She lived in Barcelona, Spain, from 1996 to 2008. Since 2008 she is living in Buenos Aires where she works.

In 1987 she achieved a degree as an Arquitect from “Universidad de Buenos Aires” and during her stayed in Barcelona, she achieved a degree in Plastic Arts and Design from “Escola La Massana”. She attended many art workshops and achieved awards in Argentina and Poland.

Over the past 20 years she has been showing her work both in solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Spain, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Uruguay, Lisboa, Germany, Poland, Norway, London, Switzerland, Portugal and Estonia.





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