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"Painting is the only way to develop knowledge, connect and be in the world."

In his work, deep and profound lines take over the white canvas. Gesture and abstraction are part of his own language. The explosive presence of color appeals directly to an emotional and unique perception, but on a second look it is possible to discern shapes.
His work invites the viewer to take an active role in the discovery of the figures underlying extensively in the colour-trace.

Alejandro Avakian was born in 1959 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied drawing and painting with Osvaldo Attila and in 1999 he received his degree in Art at “Escuela Nac. de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón.”

Alejandro has two ateliers, one in Buenos Aires and one in New York since 2010. The exchange of this two places and cities is reflected in his paintings. The shapes are more open, brutal and unpredictable about his previous work.





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