Adrian Lirman

"When you close your eyes there is a loss of context. We find ourselves in a trance that is a starting point to inspiration and what's to come."

As an artist, emotions are his raw material. If an artwork has good emotional ingredients, it will be exquisite, healing and nutritious for the soul. Reason is a good condiment but not to be abused.

Adrian Lirman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968, where he currently lives and works. He achieved a degree from the art school “Escuela de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires”. He lived in Rome for three years where he starts showing at various galleries.

He participated in exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Miami, Brussels, Tokyo, Lima, Punta del Este, Montevideo Buenos Aires, London and Taipei. Lirman's work is internationally renowned and can be found in diverse private art collections around the globe.

Since 2007, he teaches a Seminar called "Emotion and Reasoning. Self-knowledge through Painting" at Universidad Austral, one of the most prestigious universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Adrian Lirman has dedicated most of his time to honoring women and transferring to his work each adjective that for him women truly represents: He celebrates women empowerment from a unique perspective with his art collection "Queens".

“Uniqueness • Freedom • Beauty • Strength • Inner Peace • Respect • Self Sufficient • Love • Courage. These qualities, to name a few, give women a unique and free spirit. They were the shortcut to the inspiration I was looking for.”

He personifies a serene woman who possesses a warrior and fighting spirit. That duality is transfered to the canvas by creating those women with long neck, blue hair that often merges into a geometry, net elegance, and contrast between figure and background. He grants them the true feminine power in every brushstroke.

Sometimes we can see how contrast mutates and transforms into a figuration that is fused to an abstraction that support functions to generate the power that pierces the canvas and invades the senses of viewers.