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"My artworks offer an encounter and an internal dialogue that we bring from our childhood. It’s not just about the look that the viewer manifests: The look is there, on the canvas, something that is perceived and challenges us. It could be the gaze of a loved one, an admired character or simply a look that we remember, even if we don't know where it comes from."
Elo Menéndez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,1978. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano.” Then he studied Architecture until 3rd year, when he realized that painting was his true passion and decided to dedicate himself full time to it.
His iconic "Girls with ears" show us a strong concept and identity that the artist displays in each artwork. The perfect fusion that exists between the figurative side of the artwork together with the abstract part with diffuse edges and blured planes, transmits a deep sense of privacy and anonymity that generates a visual impact that captures the viewer's senses.
Among his latest series and most outstanding solo exhibitions are, “Pasto” (2015, Borges Cultural Center), “Invisible 1” (2018, OEI Cultural Space), “Invisible 2” (2019, Museo del Barro), “Interpretando a Rocca” (2020, series displayed virtually due to pandemic).
We can find Elo’s artworks in private collections around the world and exhibited in art galleries in Argentina, United States and Spain.


Elo has developed a series of artworks in which we find scenes from daily life, with a clear protagonist who dominates the scene and is intervened by the particular touch of the artist where the bluring grants him the privilege of anonymity. The color palette intentionally chosen, perfectly accompanies the scenes represented.
In this last year, Elo has ventured into the making of portraits with his series “Interpretando a Rocca”. Gabriel Rocca is an Argentine photographer known worldwide for his campaigns in the world of fashion and being a favorite among celebrities. From a selection of portraits taken by the photographer, Elo interpreted these photographs and generated this series.
His great work and tireless desire to always face new challenges, has positioned Elo as a multifaceted artist, walking calmly along the path of imaginary and realism at the same time.

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