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It's all in the details


Who we are

The Loop Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Los Angeles, CA., with presence in pop-up exhibitions, conventions and art fairs around the country.

We bring our expertise from our hometown, the exquisite city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We think of art as a vital complement of everybody’s life. It defines not only your space but the way you perceive life. That’s why it is so important for us to contribute with new artists proposals in the LA art scene.

Our concept as an art gallery is to offer our clients a great variety of artists with diverse styles. This way we seek to enrich and enhance the experience of choosing art and will help you see yourself reflected in one style over the others.

Our Story

From the design world we connected with art as young art collectors. Since then, our interest in discovering new artists and their artworks increased and we were able to find new stories and a universe where everything connected.

Senses prevailed in this new space and oils and canvas were the protagonists.

That was how we decided to continue following a path that eventually led us to create The Loop Art Gallery.
Today we stand in this same path stronger than ever with a great team, and now we are the ones that generate those stories to be discovered and enjoyed by everyone.


Our Goal

This curated selection of amazing artists, owners of a unique vision and creativity, have been admired in various countries such as Italy, England, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, Argentina and Brazil.

Many of them have artworks acquired by museums, being part of the stable collections.

We provide personalized art consulting to ensure that our customers find the perfect artwork that matches their tastes and home vibe.

We are convinced that every person who is interested in purchasing art should have access to acquire originals of quality. That's why we manage a wide range of prices, so there are options for all budgets: "Art must be accessible to all".

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"The art of mixing art is the power to create a space with identity so that you can find yourself in those artworks."
- Ro Moreno, founder at The Loop Art Gallery
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