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“I work the balance between the material world and the spiritual one. My work speaks of the emptiness we feel when that balance is not in its exact point. My geometries invite us to reflect on what style of life we want and choose.”


Roncoli shows us small scenes of a world, whose composition is a perfect mix of resigned elements, the use of a strong color palette and the inclusion of typography, generating an impeccable balance.

Claudio Roncoli was born on March 19, 1971, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduate (1995) from the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires.
Resides in the United States and produces between Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Miami. Artist in residency during two years in Bakehouse Art Complex, Wynwood, Miami.

Recipient of a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts Grants, Miami, USA.
Winner of a Grammy Award for Best Packaging Design 2017.
Winner of a Grammy Award for Best Packaging Desing 2018.


As guest artist, he intervened: Hérmes, Levis, Nestlé, Toyota, Samsung, Saks Fifth Avenue, Absolut and Rolling Stone Magazine.


Since he was a child, the artist was immersed in a world created by toys since his father owned a toy store. This playful and at the same time consumerist influence, in the future would be reflected in his art and iconography.

Claudio managed to create a concept that perfectly linked with a consumer society and the graphic communication style of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The artist also added images from famous magazines such as Paris Match, LIFE and Reader’s Digest, whith beautiful women, housewives, children playing, strong men, iconic pop figures, artists, war scenes and even glitter figures.


The mix between the art world and the world of advertising that so naturally coexist in his work, is a distinctive feature of this series. Decorative elements make up an unreal, idealized, happy, nostalgic and imposted “seductive atmosphere”, which from a fresh perspective plays with the boundaries between art and advertising, irony and innocence.

Claudio's Life Series is generated from an original intervened with a mixed technique: Digital collage created by him, which he prints on a canvas, and then intervened by applying acrylic paint using a spatula or by throwing it directly to the fabric.

Roncoli's work, has positioned him in a unique and fundamental spot of the cultural environment and the contemporary art market.





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