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Adrian Lirman has dedicated most of his time to honoring women and transferring to his work each adjective that for him women truly represents: He celebrates women empowerment from a unique perspective with his art collection "Queens".

“Uniqueness • Freedom • Beauty • Strength • Inner Peace • Respect • Self Sufficient • Love • Courage. These qualities, to name a few, give women a unique and free spirit. They were the shortcut to the inspiration I was looking for.”

He personifies a serene woman who possesses a warrior and fighting spirit. That duality is transfered to the canvas by creating those women with long neck, blue hair that often merges into a geometry, net elegance, and contrast between figure and background. He grants them the true feminine power in every brushstroke.

Sometimes we can see how contrast mutates and transforms into a figuration that is fused to an abstraction that support functions to generate the power that pierces the canvas and invades the senses of viewers.

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