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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972.
I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Currently I attend Sergio Bazan's workshop.

I participated in a Clinic of Contemporary Art with lecturers, Alejandra Roux, Fabiana

Barreda and Sergio Bazan (2014)

I attended Juan Doffo's workshop (2000-2014)

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1996)




 2018 Sincromática at MARQ, curated by Sergio Bazán - Museum of Arquitecture and Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 Individual exhibition at The Clubhouse, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Individual exhibition,  Entretiempos at the Usina Cultural Saénz Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2011 Individual exhibition, Sinventarios at El Sábato, Cultural Space in the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina




2019 - 2021 The Loop Art Gallery. Los Angeles, USA

2019 Personal Structures Identities - Venice 2019 Art Biennial, Venice, Italy

2019 Close to the Edge, Argentinian Consulate in Washington, USA

2018 Dispersed Meditations with Luciana Levinton and Guigui Kohon, curated by Sergio Bazán, Argentinian Consulate in New York, USA

2015 Collective exhibition, Everybody for the 1-11-14, Cultural Centre Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Collective exhibition, Galería Cazadores de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013 Collective exhibition, Fundación Iniciar for Global Action, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 Collective exhibition, Espacio Arte Contemporáneo, Punta del Este, Uruguay

2011 Second Edition of Sum+Art project in the Gallery Rubbers International, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 First Edition of Sum+Art project in the Gallery Rubbers International,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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